Load some examples:
Turn the whole floor
off, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, or white
Various demos:
title - used in our presentation, credits - LED Dance Floor, N,M,A,K, test - LED Dance Floor TEST, 12x12title - used on our "quarter floor". wx1 & wx2 - weather icons.
Game ideas:
Dot Chase, Music Time! Fire-Brigade, Ant Attack, Horse Jump, Tetris,
Dance-Off, Frogger, sky, house, shop, Invaders, Hopscotch, Waving Man,
Multi-player Pong and Pong for 12x12 dance-floor,
Simon (red) (green) (yellow) (blue), Smaller Simon (red) (green) (yellow) (blue),
Checkers and a smaller version, 6x6 Sudoku and maybe 9x9 Sudoku, clock, maze, pacman (game),
Pacman, Battleships, Rush hour, More! MORE! MORE!
Your idea here! Simply cut+paste the above box full of numbers into an email to us, with a short description!
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