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This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2. This means you can distribute copies freely. It also means that the source code for the program is available for you to use and modify but places some restrictions on how you distribute modified versions.

If you wish to save a copy of this Javascript/HTML version, you will need:

You'll need all the mp3s for the letters/numbers/symbols. There are at least 3 ways to do this: You may also be interested in a soundmanager2 version of the sound library. This is theoretically more flexible, but I've found the timing of JavaScript's setInterval() to be terrible, leading to very dodgy morse, especially on Windows. If you want to try it, you'll need:

See also Arjun's download page - Arjun has wrapped most of what you need up into one single tar.gz file. He also pointed out my horrible square keying envelope so I fixed it. Thanks Arjun!

The Nilex Morse Tutor


© Copyright 1998-2008 "Nosey" Nick Waterman, Ward Cunningham and Jim Wilson.

This Javascript/HTML version is by Nick Waterman, based very heavily on an FLTK/SDL 2004 multimedia version of the program which by Jim Wilson, which in turn was based very heavily on A Fully Automatic Morse Code Teaching Machine first described in a May 1977 QST (ARRL, Newington, CT) article of the same name by Ward Cunningham.

Distributed under the GNU GPL V2 license

See and I can also reccommend Ward / Jim's FLTK/SDL versions of this program, upon which my Javascript/HTML version was very heavily based. It is available for many operating systems at the Morse distribution site:

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